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These are some of the ethical questions that may confront a nurse and even other health professionals. The ethical goal of a health professional’s practice is to deliver a caring response given an ethical issue or question (Purtilo and Doherty, 2011, p. 25). 2.0. Relevance of the Ethical Issue on the Withdrawal of Life Support System The issue on whether it is ethical for nurses to assist patients or their relatives in the withdrawal of life support systems for patients is highly relevant because the issue is frequently encountered in the setting of terminally ill cancer patients, stroke, heart attacks, and other illnesses where patients can become comatose. In this case, the case for withdrawing the life system can be debated especially if there are no signs that the patient will recover from the situation soon. The ethical issue is also relevant in situations where the patient is terminally ill as determined by a competent medical professional, believed to be without possibility of recovery from the standpoint of medical science, and in extreme and serious pain at the same time. ...
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Should Nurses Assist in the Withdrawal of Life Support Systems? 1.0. Overview: Ethics and Nursing Nursing has an ethical dimension. In the delivery of quality health care, the question of what is right and wrong is always involved in the work of nurses. This is because the work of nurses involves making decisions…
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