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Nursing King’s theory of goal attainment emphasizes upon the objectives which influence the relationship between a patient and a nurse. The underlying assumption on which this theory is based is that both the patient and the nurse interact with each other in the capacity of human beings.


Because of its tendency to impact the behavior, perception is given extreme importance in the personal system. The reaction of groups or individuals gave rise to the interpersonal systems. King’s theory of goal attainment is quite relevant and applicable today. This theory highlights some key facts that are intuitively known by both the nurse and the patient. Interpersonal communication between the nurse and the patient is crucial for favorable results of the nursing practice. This theory analyzes the relationship between the nurse and the patient on three levels of social, interpersonal and personal interaction. The three jointly describe the interaction completely. Although the contemporary age is characterized by digital technology, which is frequently made use of by the nurse to interact with the patient, though the variables discussed in the King’s theory apply just as well as they do in verbal communication. The Division of Nursing is directed at providing the nursing care recipients with high quality of health care. Faculty achieves this through their research, teaching and community’s service. Nurses create their individualistic stance upon the health and life using a wide array of interpersonal relationships. The integration of intellectual, spiritual, physical and cultural elements facilitates this process. ...
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