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Adaptation to Environment: Physical and Physiological

Here it will be attempted to examine two majorly important, pressing issues within the Roy Adaptation Model of the Physical and Physiological processes: the theory (including a brief introduction and rationale); as well as the clinical problem (including a description of the clinical problem, how major concepts of the theory apply to the problem, how utilizing the theory will guide nursing practice, and how patient outcomes could improve upon applying the theory to clinical practice). II. The Theory A. Short Introduction of the Theory According to the Roy Adaptation Model (2011), adaptation is “the process and outcome whereby thinking and feeling persons, as individuals and in groups, use conscious awareness and choice to create human and environmental integration” (pgh. 6). The Roy Adaptation Model takes into account several important and concomitant factors—the ones being analyzed here to be the physical and physiological models. B. Rationale for the Theory Selection The rationale for utilizing this theory came from the idea that the Roy Adaptation Model might better assist the patient in being able to deal with his particular health issues. For example, not only should the patient’s hydration be taken into account with electrolyte levels, but the main focus here—maximizing the use of this theory—is to ensure that the patient: a) does not have a second stroke; b) utilizes preventative measures and techniques to reduce stress; ...
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Introduction:Transient ischaemia attack (TIA) patients are definitely at some greater risk for having depression and other secondary and tertiary conditions beyond what’s happened to them already…
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