Analysis and implications for practice of qualitative Research Report

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Analysis and Implications for Practice of Qualitative Research Report Introduction Various factors need to be considered when evaluating a research study according to Law, Stewart, Letts, Pollock, Bosch and Westmorland (1998). The evaluation of such a study involves the consideration of such factors as the research objectives, literature review, design, methodology, data collection and analysis, results and conclusion according to the University of New South Wales (2011).


The research report was published in 2006. With changing social values and demographics, long-term care demand is also increasing in facilities. The number of patients spending time in nursing homes before their deaths is increasing, and is expected to increase further in the next coming years. Pneumonia is a major cause of mortality and morbidity among residents of nursing homes, which consequently lead to their hospitalization according to Carusone, Loeb & Lohfeld (2006). Therefore, a research to determine the best way to handle pneumonia patients was carried out form the family member and nursing resident’s perspective, using qualitative descriptive research. The following is an analysis and implications for practice of qualitative research report. That is, how effective is the use of qualitative research in providing solutions to the problems of pneumonia from family member and resident perspectives. The research was conducted using twenty participants, which is a very small representative sample. Though the fact that the trials were tested determined from controlled multi-centered randomization, the small number of the representative sample could give invalid data. ...
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