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Piaget's Theory Piaget’s Theory Jean Piaget was a psychologist who put forward many psychological theories during the initial half of the twentieth century with respect to cognitive development among children. He argued that both nature and nurture are equally important in the development of children.


This paper briefly analyses Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and its implications to children and their family. Piaget’s theory with respect to specific developmental levels According to Piaget’s theory stages of cognitive development can be divided into four different stages; the sensory motor development period (0-2 years), the pre-operational period (2-7 years, the concrete operational period (7-11 years and the formal operational period (after 11 years) (Piaget’s Theory, n.d, p.6-12). During the sensory motor developmental stage, reflexes like grasping, sucking etc are the major channels for acquiring knowledge. Moreover children at this stage will repeat their activities again and again. The ability to identify objects and space will also be developed at this stage. “Symbolic representations, egocentrism and centration are the abilities developed during the pre-operational stage”(Piaget’s Theory, n. d, p.9). In other words, children at this stage may develop the abilities to represent actions and objects with the help of symbols. The development of language also takes place during this stage which will help the children to classify and group objects in their vicinity. For example, children will develop the ability to identify eatable things or playable objects during this period. ...
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