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CASE SCENARIO: An open fracture is one which is exposed to environment and is more devastating and prone to complications than close fractures. Immediate problems that can arise include contamination of wound and predisposition to infection and massive blood loss.


Give prophylactic antibiotics to prevent serious wound infections. Provide appropriate analgesia by giving opioid analgesics. Complications that can arise following fracture include chest infections, urinary tract infections, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, compartment syndrome and septicemia( Wikipedia Contributors 2011) 1. Infections: Chest and urinary tract infections are common because patient is bed bound. These are indicated by development of fever, and other signs of infection. These are prevented by starting prophylactic antibiotics, change of urinary catheter weekly and chest physiotherapy. 2. Septicemia: It can arise if localized infection spreads to blood. It is monitored by checking signs of infection and daily counts of leucocytes with checking vitals. It is also prevented by treating systemic infection by appropriate antibiotic initially. 3. Deep Venous thrombosis: It arises because of prolong immobilization of patient. It is assessed by checking lower limbs for unilateral swelling and redness. It is protected by giving antithrombotic prophylaxis to patients. 4. Acute pulmonary embolism: It occurs in patients who develop DVT and it is manifested by sudden onset of dyspnea, tachycardia and cough. It is again prevented by giving prophylactic antithrombotic therapy and giving patients DVT stockings. 5. ...
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