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The Use of Theory in Qualitative Approaches to Research: Application in End-of-Life Studies Problem Statement The title of the report is use of qualitative research theory to end-of-life-studies. In order to conceptualize problems of research and guide investigations, nurses researchers usually turn to theory.


This work, hence, aims at analyzing the theory use in qualitative approaches in research as applied in qualitative end-of-life studies. Qualitative end-of-life studies are reviewed in order to illustrate theory application to the designs and findings of the study Purpose of the Study As nurse researchers turn theory in order to gain guide investigations and conceptualize research problems, the application of such theory lacks consensus and consistency because qualitative research, in such a case, rarely articulate with the theory. Therefore, an analysis of this report is very significant to nursing because it will be applied by nurses’ researchers to improve their qualitative research and hence ensure consensus and consistency. On the other hand, nurses will learn to articulate application of qualitative research with theory thus improving their designs and findings. ...
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