Culturally Competent Ethical Decision Making

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Culturally Competent Ethical Decision Making Name of Student Name of Teacher Subject Date Culturally Competent Ethical Decision Making Step-1- Description of the issue The case of Maya, who was a patient under my care in the psychiatric ward in Southern Health, was a case which presented before me the greatest culturally defined ethical dilemma I ever experienced in my profession so far.


Her husband, Thomas was banking professional who was going through a period of serious financial crisis owing to the economic recession and resulting salary cuts. I came to know from Maya, her husband and his sister that she dearly wanted the baby to be born. As I could involve her into an intimate personal conversation, she told me that her parents were eagerly awaiting the birth of her second child as there was a belief in her family that the second child of every girl in the family would be a girl child and she would be the cause of prosperity for the family (because their community had a matrilineal family system). In Maya’s current pregnancy also, the medical tests had showed that she was carrying a girl child. The family legend was that if you do not let the second child to be born, the whole family would be cursed. Her gynecologist had advised that if she wanted, she could retain her pregnancy but the child would live only for a very short period of time and that too in misery. This was a situation that Thomas wanted to avoid at any cost and hence he was trying to convince her to undergo an abortion. ...
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