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pros and cons of inserting a chip or radio frequency identification device into an individual. - Essay Example

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pros and cons of inserting a chip or radio frequency identification device into an individual.

Our comfort factor in swiping credit cards or tapping cellular phones at certain POS shows that we think nothing these days of the personal information that it shared with others. Knowing all these factors, I cannot help but wonder as to why there is so much discussion over the pros and cons of implanting an RFID chip just under our skin when such technology is meant to insure that we will get ample and accurate medical care each time we pay a visit to the doctor or the emergency room. It creates an almost perfect healthcare system for us in that way.
Companies like VeriMed, who are tasked with the creation of these ID chips assure the patients that procedure for implanting the chip and the accompanying stored information pose no danger to the patient. In fact, listening to their explanation about the importance of the microchip implant is quite logical. VeriMed representatives (“Patient: For Patients, Caregivers and Loved Ones,” n.d.) assure the patients that it is :
... the first and only FDA-approved patient identification system that uses an implantable microchip. While that may sound like science fiction, its really down-to-earth, common sense when it comes to your life. About the size of a grain of rice and inserted just under your skin in the back of your right arm, each VeriMed microchip contains a unique identification number that emergency personnel may scan to immediately identify you and access your personal health information - facilitating appropriate treatment with less delay.
Such an argument actually makes sense when you think about it because in emergency situations wherein the patient is incapable of answering doctor and nurse questions, a mere scan of the chip will tell the doctors exactly what they need to know about their patient. With the chips ability to “speak” for the patient in a way, a patient is ...
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We live in a world that is constantly becoming more and more dependent on the use of technology in quest for more accurate services and record keeping. We have a computer in every room and carry a hand held computer with us such as an internet connected mobile phone or tablet PC…
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