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Breast Feeding {your name} {course name} {instructor’s name} Breastfeeding refers to the feeding of an infant using the mother’s breasts directly. This process is supported by lactation in the human female breasts in the post delivery stage. The human child possesses a suckling reflex that allows them to both suck as well as swallow milk.


The milk from the human breast is considered as the healthiest form of nutrition for infants. (Picciano, 2001) However, most women are not ready to deal with breastfeeding in the aftermath of childbirth because of a lack of education. A lack of appreciation for breastfeeding’s advantages and the cumbersome routine forces most women to bottle feed their infants which has higher risks associated with it. In the given scenario, the mother is new to the concept of breastfeeding and so needs education as well as intervention in order to facilitate her and her child. Various aspects related to breastfeeding will be clarified using a teaching plan which will include typical problems, sources of confusion and their solutions along with focus on the patient. Bottle Feeding versus Breast Feeding Education The learning objectives will concentrate on making breastfeeding seem like a better choice than bottle feeding to the client. The client will be provided with a comparison of both bottle feeding and breastfeeding from the aspects of nutrition, comfort and cost. The client is new to childbirth and care so is confused between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It could be expected that she would be eager to learn about these concepts to clarify her confusion. ...
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