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HEADING: Hourly Rounding: A Strategy to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores Name: School: University: Professor: Subject: Date: Hourly Rounding: A Strategy to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores 1. Describe your research purpose and background The purpose of this research is to test the effectiveness of hourly rounding to promote improving patient satisfaction scores among hospitalized patients.


The relationship between the nurses and the patient including the time spent with the nurses, respect, compassion shown, understanding, and communication is vital in building patient satisfaction. As a tool, satisfaction level surveys can be utilized to determine the level of satisfaction and find in greater detail the determinants of satisfaction. Satisfaction can be said to be a feeling or perception of the patient and in the past it is known that the nursing care plays a vital role in improving patient satisfaction. Studer, 2007 suggested the use of hourly rounding wherein nurses Hourly rounding is a nursing care strategy of focusing greatly on patient-centered care and a mean of organizing work, with greater effort to concentrate on patient safety (Studer, 2005). Currently, the literature available on the effect of hourly rounding on patient satisfaction is not known completely, and hence this topic would gain a greater insight into the same (Tea, 2008). 2. Describe your proposed problem or question The research question in this regard is whether hourly nurses rounding can help to address the problems of the patient, reduce the call lights from the patient, save nurses time, improve the patient safety levels, and in this manner overall help to improve the patient satisfaction levels. ...
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