Watson's Theory of Caring.

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There is no denying the fact that the healthcare systems around the world are going through a process of restructuring. In that context there is a great risk that the nursing and caring services in these systems may get dehumanized.


It goes without saying that the profession and discipline of nursing is primarily about human care. So, if nursing is essentially about caring than it is imperative that the nurses ought to make a conscious effort to inculcate the element of care in all the major aspects of their profession, be it the nursing education, the administrative or clinical aspects of nursing or the future research related to nursing (McGraw, 2002, p. 98). It is imperative for healthcare systems to retain human caring as the core of their existence. To further the aspect of human caring, Watson propounded the theory of human care. Watson realized that the expansion of health facilities around the world has manifolded augmented the work load of nurses. In that context the nurses are required to deal with healthcare situations that are more complex and variegated. So nurses are required to retain caring as the essential aspect of their practice and Jean Watson’s theory of caring is peculiarly associated with this aspect of nursing. Jean Watson’s theory of caring connects the nursing profession to the very roots of its profession and actually lays down the framework for defining an ideal nurse (McGraw, 2002, p. 97). Dr. Jean Watson is a renowned American scholar in nursing. Dr. Watson got her undergraduate degree in nursing and psychology from University of Colorado. ...
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