Patient safety in the operating room

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Patient Safety in Operating Room 1. Introduction Patient safety is at the core of nursing profession and rest of the activities are designed, planned and progressed to ascertain the achievement of this core objective. However, there are issues in the pursuance of this objective that may affect the nursing in general and particularly in the operating rooms.


Therefore, the procedure and methodologies used to ensure ultimate objective of patient safety are required to be studied for effects on nursing behavior and practices. 2. Problem Definition and Literature Review Throughout the history of healthcare and especially in the recent decades the operating room nursing practices are primarily influenced by the patient safety. Operating Room (OR) nursing is gauged by the preventive measures and safe handling of the patient. The Operating room safe handling is closely monitored, and a mere negligence can bring the devastating results. Under these circumstances pressures and stress are the natural outcome in OR nursing practices.  “Focusing on the structure, processing and outcomes of care, a behavioral health patient safety program continually emphasizes changing the system to make treatment safer for consumers through evolution of the evidence.” (Fowler & Susan, n. page). This focus and monitoring at all levels demand an extra bit of vigilance and strict compliance with laid down procedures and standing orders to ensure patient safety. ...
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