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Running Head: PATIENTS IN PAIN Patients in pain Name Institution Date Evidence based practice paper regarding the single study research "The challenge of caring for patients in pain: from the nurse's perspective. Appraisal Questions for a Single Study Research Report Introduction This research study is aimed at investigating why the nursing process for hospitalized patients in pain remains poor in spite of a wider knowledge base, advancements in technological as well as a wealth of research on such patients.


The study is a qualitative research conducted in natural settings, and uses data that are words or text rather than numerical in order to describe the experiences that are being studied as recommended (LoBiondo-Wood, 2010). Ten (10) participants were selected from a sample size of twenty (20) nurses from three (3) hospitals. They were given in-depth, unstructured interviews in form of dialogues focusing on their care of patients in pain. The study was conducted to appraise the problem: hospitalized patients still suffer from pain due to poorly managed nursing processes. The study question is: “what are the nurses’ experiences when caring for patients in pain?” The research study is phenomenological; that is aimed at obtaining a description of an experience as it is lived in order to understand the meaning of that experience for those who have it. ...
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