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Nursing HOLISTIC: Concept Analysis Introduction The term ‘holistic’ is derived from the Greek word holos meaning ‘whole’ or complete. “Holistic health views the physical, intellectual, sociocultural, psychological and spiritual aspects of a person’s life as an integrated whole” (White, 2005, p.32).


The American Holistic Nurses’ Association (AHNA), 1994, explains health as “the maintenance of harmony and balance among body, mind, and spirit” (White, 2005, p.32). Through a process of continuous adaptation, the body endeavors to achieve balance or stability termed as ‘homeostasis’ among these factors. Internal physiological homeostasis is a balance of the body’s fluids. It is crucial for nurses to understand how the combining of all aspects of a person’s life help clients through healing processes. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper to undertake a concept analysis of the term ‘holistic’ through an integrated literature review, by identifying the attributes of the concept, and by illustrating the concept through a model case with supporting rationale. The Concept of ‘Holistic’ The holistic approach involves the whole picture. The Merriam-Webster (2011) dictionary defines holistic as concerned with wholes or complete systems rather than with the analysis, treatment, or separation into parts. Thus, holistic medicine relates to the treatment of both mind and body, while holistic ecology views humans and the environment as a single system. ...
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