Quality improvement in medication administration.

Quality improvement in medication administration. Research Paper example
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A number of methodologies are available to healthcare providers that can effectively be used to integrated quality improvement into performance measurements. The key methodologies include but not limited to Six Sigma, Lean Production System, and Root cause analysis (Hughes, 2008).


These methods are important for ensure that organization operations are streamlined enough to meet the performance measures instituted by the organizations. It is also evident that these methods allows for flexible monitoring of organization activities to allow for speedy corrective measures in case of deviation. Starting with the Six Sigma, this is improvement method focuses on eliminating waste by continuous improvement, monitoring and designing of process without jeopardizing satisfaction. Process capabilities act as the performance measure considering that the method employs comparison technique in the sense that the process before improvement is compared to the process capability after quality improvement. According to Hughes (2008), notable advantages in this method include ability to reduce variations as well as to improve outcomes for a variety of processes.
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is also another significant method of improving quality in a hospital setup, it involves formalized investigation, and problem solving approached aimed at uncovering what might have caused an event as well as the events that were intercepted. Root Cause Analysis plays a significant role in helping individuals pinpoint trends as well as assess risk to be applied in case of suspected human. ...
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