Is compresssion bandaging effective in healing venous leg ulcers?

Is compresssion bandaging effective in healing venous leg ulcers? Essay example
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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Compression Bandaging in Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcer Introduction Persistent and long duration ulcers that do not heal within six weeks are known as chronic ulcers. Most common causes of leg ulcers include venous disease or arterial disease or both.


The valves ensure that the blood moves from capillaries towards heart. Thrombosis and varicosity injure the valves present in the veins of legs. These valves are supposed to stop the back flow or reflux of blood. If damaged, then blood can flow in any direction and can cause hypertension in veins. As a result capillaries loose there shape and become distorted. (Dealey,1999) Afterwards, an inflammatory cascade occurs which vary, in both time and its severity, among different individuals. (Bergan,2007).Swelling, a fluid discharging wound and damage to the skin with a uniformly distributed background of hyper pigmentation, dispersed purpuric macules, erythema, scaling, excoriations may also be present as an indicator of the severity of the condition. (Frankel, 2006) The common sites of ulceration are legs and other areas surrounding ankle.(Frankel,2006). To heal long duration chronic leg ulcers various approaches have been embarked on after extensive research studies. Most of the patients have multiple co morbidities, which complicate there potential to heal. As well as patients have to visit doctors on regular basis for frequent change of dressings and for follow up on wound’s condition which increase financial burden. ...
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