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Hemorrhage Name: Institution: Hemorrhage According to many maternal health experts, PPH is a worldwide cause of many maternal deaths. Post Partum Hemorrhage increases with the mode of delivery that a woman experiences. This means that after vaginal delivery a woman experiencing PPH losses approximately 500ml of blood (Knight, 2009).


In many cases, tissues and vessels are scarred and damaged during the delivery process. This presents a situation where blood continuously flows after the delivery (Anderson, 2007). The uterus is also at risk of losing its ability to contract. This leads to the flow of blood without the ability to self contain itself and stop. In other instances, some tissues and vessels may be retained in the uterus causing the bleeding to occur. This is also made quite difficult if the woman is suffering from a blood disorder (Knight, 2009). The disorder affects the entire body’s clotting system. This will then inhibit the body’s ability to stop any bleeding. This data has created a scenario where there is an urgent need to find the most effective and efficient way to prevent and treat hemorrhage. This is with the aim of reducing all the PPH related complications and deaths that occur all over the world (Anderson, 2007). There have been very many studies that have been conducted to deal with the PPH issue. They all aim to identify the best procedure to deal with the issue of PPH. In one study, it was observed that there are trends that can be monitored and observed in many of the cases of PPH. The International PPH which is a Collaborative Group conducted studies in some countries. The countries included the US, Belgium, France, UK, Canada and Australia. ...
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