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CRITIQUE TEMPLATE FOR A QUALITATIVE STUDY NURS 6125 Week 5 Application Assignment: Critiquing a Qualitative, Quantitative, or Mixed-Methods Research Study (due in Week 7) Date: 10/20/11 Your name: Michelle Odeh Article reference (in APA style): Jin, J., Sklar, G.E., Sen Oh, V.


This is because whereas the purpose of the research outlines the general reason why the researcher wants to conduct the research, the research questions acts as a tool for helping the researcher achieve the research aim. It is expected therefore that in stating the research questions, the researcher relates the research question to the purpose of the study (The Research Assistant, 2011). In the research work understudy, the researcher had a purpose of exploring and evaluating the most common factors causing therapeutic compliance. The research question that guided the research purpose was “What are the common types of non-compliance encountered in clinical medicine?” Critically, the researcher related the research question directly to the research purpose. The research purpose and the research questions are therefore judged as appropriate for the attainment of the research aim. 2. Researcher Pre-understandings Does the article include a discussion of the researcher’s pre-understandings? What does the article disclose about the researcher’s professional and personal perspectives on the research problem? The research problem is a discussion of therapeutic compliance among patients. This means that the research has to do with pharmaceutical issues. Coincidentally, all four researchers have professions relating to pharmacology. ...
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