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Code of Ethics Name: Institution: Code of Ethics One of the nursing standards that apply in my region in relation to the issue insists on ultimate care of the patient. This means that, at all times, the nurse is to ensure that he or she provides ultimate care for patients that come his or her way.


Another ethical consideration involves the right to respect the patient’s wishes in relation their medical condition. This gives them the exclusive rights to make the decision that they want (Potter, 2005). In this situation, there are very many chances that are represented that would greatly hamper the process of arriving at the right decision. It is very difficult for a doctor to make a decision that would harm a patient’s life. This is because the sole duty of the care givers is to ensure that they do all that they can to rectify any situation that would harm the patient. The dilemma comes in when the practises that would increase the patient’s chances of survival are those that the patient is against. It will be very difficult to arrive at the right conclusion. Will it be right to treat Mr. E using all the channels that he did not consent to? It is also very difficult to watch his heath deteriorate. This creates a situation where private patient information is given to people without the consent of the patient (Ribbens, 2005). It would be unethical for the doctor to put the patient on the ventilator. This is because this is a decision that lies solely with another party. It would be ethical for the brother to make the decision for the patient in respect to the ventilator. ...
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