Evidence for Practice Innovation. Evidence-Based Nursing.

Evidence for Practice Innovation. Evidence-Based Nursing. Essay example
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The major aim of integrating evidence into practice is to ensure that the nurses in practice deliver healthcare that is scientific. It will also ensure that the healthcare services offered are cost effective. EBPN is based on obtaining solid research findings, deducing them, and integrating those that are applicable in the nursing practice.


Due to the fact that evidence in nursing practice is a recent idea, it has not been embraced by many nurses. In fact only about 15% of the nurses in practice work within the requirements of evidence based practice. This small percentage is quite devastating since this concept has been well explained and its significance documented . This figure also shows the negative attitude that is present among the nurses towards the concept in question. Due to this negative attitude they have not embraced the concept thus derailing its success. It is also human that people become resistant to changes that occur in their field of work, especially if the change is as demanding as in the case of carrying out researches as in this case of evidence based practice. Many decisions that are made in bid to improve the quality of health care services offered always leaves out EBPN showing some bias towards the idea.
This calls for the nurse leaders to take the initiative to find a way through which they can facilitate the diffusion of the concept of evidence among the nurses. These leaders will have to innovate an easier way to facilitate the nursing workforce to adopt this excellent concept of evidence based nursing practice. This thus forms the platform for the discussion of this topic on evidence based practice innovation amongst the nursing workforce. In this essay the issues to be discussed include the following. First, is the reason as to why the subject was chosen for discussion, second is to formulate a focus question. ...
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