Community Assessment: Air Pollution in Bakersfield

Community Assessment: Air Pollution in Bakersfield Assignment example
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Community assessment: Air pollution in Bakersfield Introduction There are many health problems in our communities today. These problems put the lives of the residents in danger. One of the most serious health problems facing our communities today is air pollution.


People contract and die from air pollution related ailments every day. This assessment aims to discuss the problem of air pollution and how it impacts on the health of the community. Community Bakersfield lies south of the San Joaquin Valley. It is one of the communities seriously affected by ozone and particle pollution. Many people die every year because of pollution related ailments. Pollution in Bakersfield mostly comes from San Joaquin Valley where petroleum refining activities and agricultural activities like agricultural burning take place. Pollution in this community is also caused by emissions from diesel trucks and buses which are used for transporting goods. These activities impact negatively on the health of the community residents. Demographic and Epidemiological data According to the 2010 census report, Bakersfield has a population of about 347,483 people. It marked a 41 percent growth to become the ninth largest city in California. 48.6 percent of the population is male while 51.4 percent is female. The greatest number of the population is between 35 to 44 years while the least is from 85 years and above. The population consists of people from different races including whites, Blacks, Asians Hispanics, among others. Whites constitute the largest number of the population. There are about 88,262 housing units in Bakersfield.94.5 percent of them are occupied while 5.5 percent are vacant. ...
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