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Six Dimensions of Health

Bill Hettler. He manufactured a wellness model recognized as the six dimensions of wellness model. According to this model there are six dimensions of wellness; these include: social, physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational and spiritual dimensions (Hales, 2001, p.9). According to Dr. Bill Hettler, all these dimensions contributed to the well being of an individual. Emotional wellbeing According to Hettler, the emotional wellness refers to the degree to which an individual has an optimistic view point about himself and is passionate about his life. A person is said to be emotionally fit if he accepts the availability of different feelings inside him and feelings inside others. This individual does not experiences issues while expressing his emotions and is aware of how to control his emotions. This individual has the ability to take decisions in accordance to his feelings, believes, attitudes and behaviors. These people gain awareness about different stressors available in his work and personal environment and e even develops ways of managing these stressors. Stressors in an individual’s work environment include time stressors and situational stressors. Time stressors are caused due to less time availability and heavy work load. ...
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Six Dimensions of Health (Your Name) (Institution Affiliation) An individual is defined as healthy and well if he is living his life various purposes and is enjoying his life to the optimum level. An individual is even defined as healthy if he has selected a lifestyle which aims at enhancing various parts of health including social, physical and spiritual health…
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