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Teaching Evaluation Tool Paper

According to Bell and Mladenovic (2008), nurses’ instructors must be evaluated for the purposes of quality education provision to the nurses. In all the roles performed by the instructors, from the classroom to the clinical milieu, evaluation is very important. Though this topic has become a contentious one, the most important thing according to Bell and Mladenovic (2008) is to ensure that the demands of the public in terms of health provision are met. Public health demands can only be met if the quality of education offered to the future health practitioners is scrutinized at all levels. Research indicates that the rate of mortality and morbidity of patients in the world is increasing at an alarming rate. This survey has a great relationship with professional ability of the health practitioners. All health care practitioners must be evaluated on their ability to provide quality health care to the public. Quality health care is only possible if pressure is put on the institutions that provide educational programs in nursing. The curriculum set must incorporate all the components necessary for creating triumphant nurses, with the important psychomotor abilities. This case study will highlight the peer review as a method of appraisal of nursing instruction in educational settings. ...
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Evaluating the teaching of nursing or healthcare in a higher education setting Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Performance of nursing instructors: an examination of peer review tool Introduction An evaluation of tutor’s teaching methodologies and training methods is mandatory for successful nursing instructions…
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