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Electronic Health Record Implants Introduction The use of technology and information systems in health institutions has greatly revolutionized healthcare infrastructure. The time has come for us to embrace one of the most advanced medical technologies that will enable health information to be stored and retrieved using an implanted microchip.


It is claimed that electronic health record implants (EHRi) “provides the opportunity for healthcare organizations to improve quality of care and patient safety” (Gurley, 2004, p. 1). Therefore, implementation of this technology in any health institution needs to be approached with utmost care, precaution, and careful thought. This paper exemplifies the advantages and disadvantages of EHRi and proposes a recommendation based on evidence from background research on this technology. Pros of EHRi Improved Healthcare Quality One of the most important aspects of healthcare infrastructure is information. Efficient retrieval, distribution, updates and use of medical information is vital for efficient healthcare service. The EHRi comes in handy in storing of relevant medical information. The radio frequency implants make it possible for health institutions to access the actual health information during treatment sessions otherwise referred to as encounters. The chip is also updated as the treatment procedures continue. This greatly reduces need for elaborate IT and administrative departments. In addition, a lot of valuable time is saved especially in emergency cases. Information obtained is accurate and elaborate hence reducing chances of misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. ...
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