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Stem-Cell Research Eleanor Thornton Biology 100 January 15, 2012 Professor Denise Mittelstaedt Outline Introduction Advantages and Applications of Stem Cells Treatment of genetic diseases Treatment of diseases that require organ transplant Understanding Human and Animal Development Arguments against the Use of Stem Cells Ethical considerations Flaws in the Use of Stem Cell Therapies Normal Development Interruption Personal Opinions Regarding Stem Cell Research and Use Conclusion References Stem Cell Research Introduction Stem cells are the cells found in multi-cellular organisms, both humans and animals.


The study of stem cells has become common due to the ability of the stem cells to perform several functions. This is due to the fact that the stem cells have the ability to specialize into any desired cell type. This paper will discuss the benefits of stem cells in the medical industry and the disadvantages associated with using the stem cells. It will also explore my personal opinion on the issue of stem cells. Advantages and Applications of Stem Cells Treatment of genetic diseases Genetic diseases have become a serious issue in the world today. It is therefore, important to understand how the genetic diseases occur and what can be done to remedy the situation. Genetic diseases caused by chromosomal anomalies’ can be rectified by using stem cells. This is due to the fact that stem cells have differentiation and proliferation effects that can help in addressing the situation. ...
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