Long Term Conditions (LTCs): a case study of a patient living with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Running Head: DIABETES MELLITUS TYPE II Diabetes Mellitus type II Insert Name: Professors Name: Course: Date: Introduction Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition that is also known as type II diabetes. This is a condition that affects most people within the global perspective due to poor cultural and duet practices that leads to unbalanced coordination between the metabolic systems.


Being an incurable condition which can be managed for long period of time, it is adept that both the affected and infected get to understand the predisposing factors in order to handle the diabetic patient with the due procedure to balance their metabolic systems so that they could survive or longer than the perceived duration (Baker 2007, p.22). Diabetes Mellitus II Diabetes Mellitus is referred to as non-insulin-dependent diabetes and is more or less considered as an adult condition though research carried out so far indicates that the condition is not only affecting adults but also the youths of which to a larger extent inherited from the diabetic family lineage (Batty et al. 2007, p. 239). Essentially, the condition occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to breakdown the body sugars and therefore the concentration of sugars in blood rises greatly. The condition can also be realized when the pancreatic juices and insulin that digests the sugars fails to be metabolized effectively (BBC 2011). When this occurs, the patient suffers from insulin deficiency, insulin resistance is evident and the patient as well experiences hyperglycemia (Bupa, 2004, P. 28). ...
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