Hospital's Organization Process

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Hospitals’ Organization Process Name: Professor: Institution: Course Title: Date: Hospitals’ organizational processes are central to the operations of the hospital in terms of providing health care services to patients. The organization process adopted by the hospital is fundamental in determining the quality improvements to be undertaken as well defining the cost of running the hospital operations.


It is in this regard that the basic principle of hospital functionality is to offer the best to the demanders of health. A process-based hospital is efficient in reducing costs of operation and in offering health care to the masses. A hospital’s organization process is diverse and dynamic over time. Hospitals do not retain the same process-based procedures over the years. Changes in the health industry necessitate changes in the organizational processes in hospitals. Innovations and advancement of health-related technology characterizes the health sector, thus the need to keep pace with such changes. A number of typical processes in the context of hospital operations and organization can be identified. To start with, the primary role of hospitals is to provide health care to patients. In this regard, the first organization process can be identified as that of providing and managing care for inpatients. Hospitals address all health issues that characterize inpatients. Different units of the variant health complications are established, where each unit is specifically charged with a duty to address a specific health complication. Ambulatory care is another crucial aspect of a hospital’s organizational process. ...
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