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Nursing: Holistic Care

Relevance of sexuality in mental health Sexuality is the way a person views or responds to the world after being born male or female. Regardless of our sexual orientations, psychological difficulties befall all of us through different ways but lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) persons have got many sources of emotional distress (Joseph Poullis, May 2010). (LGBT) people have to first tolerate their own sexuality or gender and then face their homophobic attitude and misunderstanding from people close to them. This is the sole reason why they are at great risk of developing mental disorders. Sexuality being the essential part of the individuality of all and sundry including man, woman and child, it is a fundamental need that cannot be estranged from other aspects of individual life, (WHO, 1975). In spite of our sexual orientation or gender it is important to look for help when faced with emotional or psychological problems for it can restore good mental health, (Joseph Poullis, 2010). Critically analyze the importance of nutrition in mental health care. An increased sense of well being and an improved mood can both arise from a component of better nutrition. It is clearly known that food affects us both physically and mentally and how we feel is as a result of what we eat. ...
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Holistic care Consider critically the role of physical activity in mental health care. 100% Physical activity is a strategy that promotes mental health effectively, (Fox, Boutcher, and Biddle, 2000). Physical activity being an exercise, it is a means of promoting physical self-worth and self –perceptions, body image is an example…
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