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In a 1 - 2 page paper (250 – 500 word) written in APA format and attached as a Microsoft Word document, complete the following assignment: - Essay Example

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Professionals in the American Nursing Association Department of Policy and Nursing Practice facilitate the mission implementation for the organization. The staffs working…

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In a 1 - 2 page paper (250 – 500 word) written in APA format and attached as a Microsoft Word document, complete the following assignment:

This functions as the organization’s guideline to its internal decisions on policy, in addition to affecting the world, by contributing valuable policies in the field of nursing.
The American Nursing Association also has an impact on the comments that are presented to the federal government. This shows American Nursing Association’s views on the effect of proposed federal policies, guidelines, or regulations on the patients and nurses. The government has cracked the whip on Medicare abuse and fraud. The government is to investigate any claim of fraud, and even a mistake that is honest may lead to a person being charged. APRNs and nurses should be informed of the situation and take the required action to desist from abuse and fraud. On the other hand, American Nursing Association advocates for immigrants to have quality healthcare access, and insurance (American Nurses Association, 2001). This will help reduce the cost of healthcare provision.
Health reforms widen access to treatment by giving coverage to those who lack, and providing protection from abusers of insurance to those who have. The law provides tremendous additional resources to enable coordination of quality, prevention and primary care. The new plan will synchronize nurses’ deployment and effective development. The profession, education, and skills of nurses make them crucial contributors to the realization of developing patient-centered models of health delivery that are successfully implemented. Health homes, health clinics managed by nurses, and Accountable Care Organizations are the various methods of care that are coordinated. The key to the realization of innovative and new patient centered model of health delivery is health reforms (American Nurses Association, 2010). This facilitates an additional core function in the leadership, management and creation by the APRNs.
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