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“Tuesdays With Morrie”: Medical Ethics and Recognizing the Higher Faculties of Humans - Assignment Example

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This paper outlines some of the moral dilemmas raised by the book “Tuesdays With Morrie” as well as some of its implications to health care. “Tuesdays With Morrie” verbalizes issues about gerontology, geriatrics, and end of life care. …

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“Tuesdays With Morrie”: Medical Ethics and Recognizing the Higher Faculties of Humans

From the research it can be comprehended that for many people, following ethical codes in medicine defuses moral responsibility and avoiding malpractice lawsuits, medical professionals have to realize that medical ethics is there to protect both the patient and the physician and serves to seal the relationship between these two parties. It is an understanding that a doctor, like his patient, is a human being and can make mistakes, but that he will do his best to prevent such mistakes from happening to the best of his abilities. Meanwhile, it also binds the patient to provide his doctor the right feedback about treatments and procedures so that the physician can gain an insight on the effects of his prescriptions and help him make better decisions for future cases. In one sense, medical ethics shows that medicine is not an exact science: illnesses may be misdiagnosed due to lack of information, uncertainty and ambiguity can happen because of the patient’s value system. Medical ethics, is supported by the organization, individuals and society. Hence, in understanding it, one has to look at these three factors. As such, the discussion of ethical issues is a recognition that “medicine is primarily concerned with a patient’s physiological well-being, but this well-being in turn is directed to the individual’s social and spiritual (cognitive-affective) good”. It is a contract of justice between the physician and his patient. It does not guarantee a specific prognosis, but it does assure the patient that the physician has done his best to diagnose the ailment and find the cure. ...
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