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Hypovolemic shock and blood transfusion intervention

This research presented typical features of hypovolaemic shock, primarily developing from chronic alcoholism. The patient earlier episodes of epigastric pain and upper GI bleeds and was treated for the same by antiemetic drugs and antacids. Following that episode he was advised against drinking and smoking. In this event, Mr. Z developed nausea 48 hours before the haemetemesis. During the haemetemesis episode he vomited blood 5 times, containing blood coffee brown in colour and from the upper GI. In this case, the rationale for giving blood was that the patient’s haemoglobin levels were only slightly above normal, the blood loss was severe, and the patient’s condition was perceived to be serious. The physicians in this case had to make a close decision, as if the symptoms and the vital sign (especially blood pressure) could be managed effectively, blood transfusion was not needed. The criteria for blood transfusion are made based on general criteria and not the management or care setting for the particular patient. For example, if the patient is managed in the ICU, there is oxygen and respiration is taken care of and hence, anaemia may not be a serious issue that the patient has to cope with. Hence, the care settings have an important role to play. The most important criteria for transfusing blood for an ICU patient are whether the patient is hemodynamically stable or not. ...
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This paper will analyse the administration of packed red cells transfusion in a patient with hypovolaemic shock arising from severe haemetemesis. The identity of the patient has been changed to Mr. Z to ensure anonymity and confidentiality …
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