Social Determinants of Health

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Social Determinants of Health Name Institutional affiliation Social Determinants of Health The community is Englewood area of Chicago, Illinois, alongside a nurse who has lived and worked in the Englewood community at a health center known as the “Englewood Community Health Center.” Community Health is biggest health facility in Illinois.


1036). Proven by an analysis, the per capita income was revealed to be lower than that discovered in 97.2% of the neighborhoods in the United States. Additionally, 77.4% of the kids in this region live in poverty, an extraordinarily high percentage in comparison with other neighborhoods in the United States (Lundy & Janes, 2009, p. 31). In a country where an estimated one in four kids grows up in poverty, this neighborhood is prominent for the complexity of the health issue manifested in the Englewood Community Health Center. Englewood community has features that stand out in its neighborhood structure. The northern region is mainly occupied by whites who are mainly long-term settlers dating back to the nineteenth century. The southern region of the community is mainly occupied by minority communities who migrated to the region during the early forties in search of employment and a new source of livelihood. The cultures of the people living on both ends of the community vary. The Englewood community has a superior proportion of government workers thriving in it than 95.7% of the neighborhoods in America (Mitchell, 2011, p. 110). ...
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