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Assignment example - Nursing - Standard of Care

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STANDARD OF CARE Standard of Care Word Count: 1,850 (7 pages) (1) Identify the regulations concerning venipuncture, drug administration, and IV medication and how these standards in your field. Explain the possible repercussions that could arise when these standards are violated…

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The standards apply to ancillary health care professionals as well, because, even if they are simply a support system, these people too also need to know how to properly draw blood, administer drugs (if applicable), and start and maintain an IV drip. (2) Explain the repercussions that could arise from violating these standards. The repercussions that could arise from violating these standards include, for venipuncture: the patient could bleed to death; the needle might introduce a fatal bubble into the bloodstream; and the needle could be contaminated with a virus like MRSA or HIV. Other repercussions, from poor medication management, could include: overdoses; possible drug interactions;?the patient finding out he or she is allergic to something; and other various medication issues stemming from mismanagement of the prescription drugs. Also, someone who does not properly know how to hook up a canula for an IV may be putting the patient at risk. Also, the drip of the IV must be on a specific timing so that too much medicine does not enter the patient’s body at once. Also, another possible IV issue is that the patient could have a bubble introduced into his or her bloodstream. (3) What are the responsibilities of a person in your health care position during a code arrest? The responsibilities of the person in my health care position during a code arrest would be to respond to the code in an appropriate manner. ...
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