Managed health care future for the disabled and poor

Managed health care future for the disabled and poor Essay example
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Managed Health Care Future for the Disabled and Poor Abstract In the past several decades, the federal government has attempted to offer quality health care services to its citizens through health care programs. However, these programs have not been successful, as they had anticipated.


Provider contracting has brought cheaper health care services but they have had their own drawbacks. The future role of the government lies on the mechanisms it will develop to provide efficient and cost-effective health care services. Managed Health Care Quality Managed health care is defined as delivering health care in an integrated system and in an organized manner. The main goals of managed health care are to enhance the clinical quality of the medical services, to enhance the client and social service element of health care, and to minimize the costs of distributing quality health care. Managed care is a structured approach to purchasing and getting the right service for a particular health need. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and physician hospital organizations (PHOs) are forms of managed care (Frank and Frank-Spohrer, 1996). Managed care and in particular, the health maintenance organizations became popular as a way of enhancing care and minimizing unnecessary services (Earp, French, and Gilkey, 2008). However, towards the end of 1990s, the consumer backlash resulted in the abandonment of the firmly controlled care management systems. Quality is “now the watchword for 21st century healthcare as the institutions and individuals who pay for services begin to focus on what they are getting for their money” (Earp, French, and Gilkey, 2008, p33). ...
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