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Health Promotion Your name Course Name Course Instructor Date of Submission Health Promotion Introduction The World Health Organization refers to health promotion as the process of increasing health control by an individual. According to the Lalonde Report from Canada, health promotion is a science of helping people change their lifestyles to move toward optimal health.


This could be partly because of high charges or inaccessibility of the services. A number of scholars have attempted to find ways of promoting health. In Australia, schools are being advised to adapt a vegetable and fruit policy, nurses are requested to take up a responsibility in advising individuals on tobacco smoking. Various approaches have been designed to explain adaptation processes by individuals like the Gibbs and Atkins & Murphy models as well as campaigns are being identified to help promote health. This paper focuses on a number of issues that relate to health promotion. Task 1 This practice involves the exploration of experiences by an individual with an aim of identifying what happened and the role one played in the experience. An individual’s thoughts and emotions play a major role in this practice, which in turn enables one to look at changes in similar events occurring in the future. Honesty is paramount in this aspect if one aims at improving their performance. Critically analyzing a situation and considering the actions taken at the time enable one to come up with a better approach to the situation in case of future occurrences. ...
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