The Future Development of Nursing

The Future Development of Nursing Essay example
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It is an undisputable fact that nursing plays the critical role in healthcare services across the world. As a healthcare profession, nursing focuses on the care of communities, families, and individuals with the aim of helping them recover, maintain, or attain the desirable quality of life and optimal health from conception to death.


The first issue is in regard to models of nursing training and education that meets the emerging needs of the labour force. Institute of Medicine of the National Academies notes, in America alone, more than three million people are members of the nursing profession which implies that they form the largest segment of the health care workforce of the country. Their role is very important in helping the nation achieve its set health care objectives. As things stand now, most nurse educators are not satisfied with the nursing profession curriculum because it does not prepare students adequately for competence in practice. There is quite a worrying imbalance between theory and professional practice in many of the post graduate nursing courses. Even though the theory taught in most institutions are appropriate and relevant for practice, the practical aspect is somewhat irrelevant and out- of- date. Practical training in most of the institutions are not up to date with new technology in health care system that is changing the nursing practice towards attaining patients’ outcomes that are of high quality. The discordant between theoretical and practical component of nursing has been attributed to the fact that the practical component of nursing is dynamic in line with changing medical technology while the theoretical component often remains relatively static. ...
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