International Nurse Migration

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International Nurse Migration Name Institution: International Nurse Migration Nurse migration has concerned a great deal of media as well as political attention currently. The position statement is whether the shortage of nurses can be addressed through international migration.


Throughout history, migration of nurses has been based on either individual contacts and motivation or opportunity (Buchan, 2001). Planned recruitment of nurses internationally has been taking place, in the past decade period, developed nations recruiting nurses from developing nations and other developed nations. Additionally, developing nations are recruiting nurses from each other, especially within similar regions geographically. As a result of this statistics recruited health professionals from countries represent over a quarter of the nursing workforces of The U.S, Canada, Australia and the U.K (Aiken, 2004). The reasons for migration of nurses is as a result of pull or push factors. Pull factors are factors that attract the nurse in the direction of another country. This includes; quality of life perceived to be better, career development, personal security, learning opportunities and better pay (Buchan, 2001). Push factors are circumstances that drive a nurse to leave their country to search for greener pastures elsewhere. They include inadequate remunerations, lack of standard work equipment or facilities, career development options lacking and political instability in their country (Awases, 2003). The consequences of the pull or push factors leading to migration of nurses to other countries has dealt a huge blow in their countries of origin. ...
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