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Essay example - Environmental and Global Health Issues

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The case of SARS is both a testament to modern technology in dealing with disease outbreaks and a case study on how easy it is for a disease to spread throughout the world where modern travel carries it easily from one site to the next. SARS was initially contracted through…

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the infection is possible because it is a cross species exposure that creates the introduction into the human population and there is little that can be done to fully protect against a new outbreak. Through protocols that provide for rapid information, reporting the illness and preventing its spread can now contribute to protecting the population.
The following paper analyses the initial outbreak in 2002 and its spread throughout the world and then explores appropriate protocols for reporting a discovery of the illness within the community. In addition, information on addressing poor air quality environments for respiratory patients is explored to further the examination of influences on respiratory through poor air quality and the modification of treatment during these periods of time.
The origin of the introduction of the illness into the human population was likely from a bat that interacted with an intermediary animal that was then sold in a Chinese food market. The virus is found in the Himalayan palm civet and the raccoon dog which are suspected to get the virus from bats, both having been present at the market that was the origin of the virus and might have either one been responsible for the outbreak into the human population (Shetty, Tang, & Andrews, 2009).
The first documented case of the illness occurred in the Guangdong province of China. The illness was identified as coming from a unique Coronavirus that was identified as the etiological origin of the disease that could travel between humans through contact at an efficient rate. A doctor who had been treating patients in the province traveled to Hong Kong and began the outbreak from exposing to the virus those he encountered in the city and at a social gathering. Those he encountered spread the illness into other regions of Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada and Singapore (see Figure 1). This spread of the illness brought it into the notice of the global community which provided for action that contained ...
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