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Therapy Dogs: Source of Healing Through Unconditional Love

Due to their responsibility, the therapy dogs are not only trained but they are also tested and certified for the job of providing ‘therapy’ to people who are in need of it (Marcus 5). Therapy dogs are expected to provide consistent comfort and affection to patients in safe manner (Marcus 5). Also, as therapy dogs have to interact with strangers on daily basis, they need to be social, engaging and responsive in their behavior (Marcus 6). Therapy dogs also need to have a positive temperament as they are expected to make their visit a safe and happy experience for the patients, who might be confused and distressed due to their sickness (Marcus 6). Interestingly, the phenomenal growth in the number of therapy dog teams in the United States does not have any scientific basis (Ensminger 88). The bond with their pet dogs have proved so valuable for people that without even knowing if there is any scientific basis behind the ‘therapeutic’ benefits of dog, they are taking their dogs for certification tests to get them a status of ‘therapy dog’ (Ensminger 88). Dogs are known to help people in many ways. ...
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Therapy Dogs: Source Of Healing Through Unconditional Love Introduction Unconditional affection and love is an essential element for healthy and happy life of human beings. Dogs are well known for displaying the quality of providing unconditional affection and love…
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