The Consequences of Alcohol Abuse in Seminole County Florida

The Consequences of Alcohol Abuse in Seminole County Florida Research Paper example
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The Consequences of Alcohol Abuse in Seminole County Florida Overview Created in the year 1913, Seminole County is an integral part of Florida. The Seminole County’s population was 422,718 in 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). The Seminole County Along with the entire state of Florida is facing a common issue i.e.


Etiology, Prevalence and Effect of the Alcohol Abuse in the Nation and in the Seminole County Florida The Etiology of the Alcohol Abuse The alcohol abuse is commonly recognized as a medical problem. The exact reason behind the alcohol abuse is yet not confirmed. Alcohol abuse is also known as alcoholism and it basically rises due to the surroundings and the alcohol practices in the family or friends. But in most of the cases, the reason behind alcoholism is a psychiatric problem such as, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, isolation, poverty, and shyness among others. The other reason for alcohol abuse can be the acceptance and the desire to feel the same outcomes repeatedly due to the alcohol intake (HelpGuide, 2011). Prevalence of Alcohol Abuse According to the survey among the students of Florida in 2006, it was noticed that 58.4% students have tested alcohol at least once in their life time. The report also stated that the rate of consumption of alcohol among the students of the middle school was 40.4% and for the students of the high school the rate was 72.0%. Comparing this report with the 2010 statistics, it was observed that the usage of alcohol is relatively lower than the year 2006. ...
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