Role of the Registered Nurse in the Operating Room

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Role of Registered Nurse in the Operating Room Introduction Nurses are vital in the area of health care because they aid the wounded and sick individuals. The value of registered nurse surges significantly due to insufficient numbers of qualified surgeons during World War II.


However, most hospitals have hired technical nurse because of high professional fee for registered nurses. As part of the cost cutting program, the companies resort to scrub nurse that has technical skills in handling instruments. This paper aims to discuss the role of registered nurse in the operating room. The role of nurses is examined in the three phases of operating procedure: preoperative, intra-operative, and postoperative. “Preoperative Role” Patients should receive an efficient and effective service from the health sector. That is why, the health care devises patient empowerment during the preoperative phase (Bramhall, 2002). The preoperative role of nurses involves the assessment of patient’s welfare. Nurses are responsible in preparing the psychological aspect of the patient for the scheduled operation. In order to perform this process, McGarvey, Chambers, and Boore (2000) assert that interpersonal communication is necessary. They gather information from the patient such as medical history, drug used in preparation for the surgery, and the willingness of patients to undergo a surgical operation. The information gathered are used to mitigate risks and determine the factors that may affect the patient’s health. Moreover, the patient is informed of the proposed treatment that the surgeon will perform on the scheduled surgery. ...
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