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What do you think are the most important characteristic and attributes a person must possess to be successful in patient care. How do you rate yourself in these areas? Many people these days wish to enter into a medical career due to the fact that we have a rapidly aging population and not enough people in the medical field to take care of them.


First and foremost, a person who wishes to help care for the sick or the elderly must have a sense of empathy for these people. The ill already feel bad enough because of their ailments. They do not need people bossing them around and treating them like superfluous beings that they can do without. These people need a loving hug, a caring smile, and a healing touch. In other words, a person working in direct contact with patients needs to have a strong sense of empathy in order to help their patient heal. A care giver or medical professional must also know how to be patient to the point of sainthood because those who are ill tend to be irritable and angry. Any successful medical care professional should know that the patient's actions are not directed at him and therefore, should not be taken against the patient but rather, the situation that the patient is in. A helping hand a listening ear are sometimes enough to help a patient recover from any of the pain that he feels. More importantly a successful medical professional must know how to read the signs that the patient is indirectly giving as part of the medical treatment as this will help diagnose the patient properly. Anybody who can master those three aforementioned attributes will definitely become highly successful in their medical careers. ...
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