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Alzheimer Agitation – Prevention 29-Dec-11 Alzheimer Agitation – Prevention Purpose statement: The purpose of this research paper is to provide an in-depth analysis on the prevention of Alzheimer agitation. The paper provides an outline on the various themes followed in preventing the onset of agitation in patients suffering from Alzheimer disease.


Method of Search: The paper has been written after extensive research on literature available on Alzheimer disease and the agitation associated with it. As no treatment is available to fully cure the disease, therefore, following preventive measures is the only effective way to prevent the onset and reduce the severity of agitation. Some of the common up to date preventive measures followed in nursing homes are listed in this paper and have been taken from different books written on Alzheimer disease. Introduction and Significance: The Dementing disease was first discovered by a German neuropathologist, Alois Alzheimer and the disease is named after him. Among individuals of age 65 and older, the most common type of Dementia is Alzheimer’s disease which is known in medical literature as Alzheimer disease. As the age progresses, half of the elderly individuals experience a loss of memory, judgment, and language to an extent that it starts to mediate a huge impact on their daily lives. In the United States, AD is a major health problem because of its huge impact on various departments of the health care system, the lives of the patients and their families. In accordance with the recent statistical data, there are a staggering number of AD cases in the United Sates alone amounting to 4 million individuals. ...
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