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Community Health Assessment: Baden, St. Louis, MO (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) Introduction This paper is going to explore the black community living in Baden neighborhood in St. Louis City, Missouri. Baden is located in the Northern side of Saint Louis city.


The black community in this area has a long history and has continued to show tremendous growth in many aspects as compared to the white population that has continued to diminish. Many African Americans making up the community moved to this area that was previously associated with the whites and have since become the majority according to the 2010 census statistics. The community has a rich culture a mixture of the black culture and the white culture of the Germans immigrants who used to stay in this place. Demographic and Epidemiological data Baden community has a total population of 7,268 people of which the blacks make up a total of 6,676 while the whites are 461. The American Indian and Alaska native are 9; the native Hawaiian and other pacific islanders have been found to comprise of 1 individual (US. Census Bureau, 2011). The Asian are 3 while other people of two or more races are 96 of which the Hispanic and Latinos have been found to be 27. The other category comprised of 22 people and this is according to the 2010 census results. The current population of Baden has declined since the 2000 census from 8,441 to the current 7,268 representing a -14% decline. This has been attributed to the high rate of crime in the area that has contributed greatly to the decline in the population. This statistics represent the general trend in St. Louis County where the general population has been declining since the last census (US. ...
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