Alzheimer's Agitation Prevention Music Therapy

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Alzheimer's Agitation Prevention By Music Therapy Abstract Agitation is a broad terminology encompassing stress, anger, bad temper, impatience or related behavior displayed by elderly patients suffering with severe dementia. Studies involving stress threshold conclude that anxiety aggravates with stress and when the level of stress reaches threshold, agitation occurs.


Moreover, caretakers are also in a happy mood while serving the food making a psychological impact on the patient. The present article highlights the chief themes of agitation as well as aims to examine how intervention of music could control agitation in Alzheimer's patients. Introduction Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a debilitating condition that affects the elderly population. According to Peng (2003), dementia is a condition that “affects problem solving ability, decision making, judgement, our ability to orient ourselves in space, and our ability to put together simple sentences and understand and communicate with words…Dementia is a permanent, progressive disease that affects mostly the elderly.” AD is also a kind of dementia influencing memory of the individual, difficulties in languages, gross motor co-ordination is severely affected, the cognitive abilities are influenced, the decisive power of the individual is affected and thus an overall personality of the individual is altered (Alzheimer's Association, 2004). Agitation is considered as an improper verbal or motor activities. ...
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