Leadership: Setting the example.

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Most of the theories view leadership as grounded and based on the following perspectives; leadership as an ongoing process, leadership as a combination of different character traits of individual leaders or leadership skills.


All the theories do postulate that leadership is a continuous process that; and that leadership is aimed at attaining targeted goal within an organization. Leadership is a dynamic and complex process that keeps the notion of things simple.
N 700 Leadership: Setting the Example
Contemporary leadership theories consist of theories that state that the leader should have the ability to learn and understand all the individuals in an organization. The leaders have to open minded and keep all issues within an organization out judgment. The leaders have to have the ability to deal with paradox and ambiguous issues within an organization, the ability of being a servant, a teacher and a motivator rather that being a leader. In servant leadership theory, the leader is required to think before taking critical actions within an organization. The servant leader is to avoid using words that can affect the unity within the organization.
Motivational theory states that all human being require motivation within an organization. Motive is the desire to do something those results to a positive outcome. Every leader in an organization ensures that all members have the desire to work within the program. The manager can improve the program motivation by providing intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation within the organization (Asperas, et al, 2005).
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