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How to raise self-esteem

Theories have viewed self esteem as a basic human need or motivation (Maslow, 1987). This paper will discuss how people may raise their self esteem, with an emphasis on single, homeless mothers.
Experiences in people’s lives are key factors of self esteem development. The negative or positive life experiences people have create attitudes toward the self which may be favorable, developing positive self worth feelings. They may also be unfavorable, developing negative self worth feelings. Single mothers go through emotional experiences like feelings of isolation and loneliness (Jordan, Spencer, & Zanna, 2003). The frustrations accompanied by being a single mother may lead to harmful levels of anxiety and stress, which can also affect the children. Dwelling on events that led to single motherhood and blaming oneself makes the process of gaining self esteem and moving on difficult. To assist single mothers improve their self esteem, and, therefore, reduce stress in their lives, they need encouragement to change how they view themselves. Practicing tolerance on themselves is a key point, which starts by accepting their strengths and weaknesses as part and parcel of them (Jordan, Spencer, & Zanna, 2003). They should then employ the use of power of positive thinking while focusing on successful parts of their lives, which could be a devoted family or the influence they have once had in their community.
Another step towards building high self esteem is learning to accept positive and constructive criticism (Branden, 2001). Criticism need not be seen as diminishing, rather as an eye opener to what individuals can improve in themselves. Single mothers should take the initiative to invite and accept criticism and use it to change and improve their overall image (Jordan, Spencer, & Zanna, 2003). Those with low esteem must learn to set challenges and goals for themselves and be optimistic about achieving them. Failure ...
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The term self-esteem is used in psychology in reference to the reflection of a person’s general emotional evaluation of their own worth (Maslow, 1987). It entails a judgment of oneself and a self directed attitude, encompassing beliefs and emotions. Being the disposition a…
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