Research Process for the Rights of the Mentally Ill to Have Children

Research Process for the Rights of the Mentally Ill to Have Children Research Paper example
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The Rights of the Mentally Ill to have Children Research Problem The area of interest for this research process is the rights of the mentally ill to have children. There has always been an outrage when the rights of those who have mental disabilities are denied.


Literature Review Nicholson et al. (1993) conducted a study to find out whether the state departments of mental health of sixteen states are giving enough healthcare rights to mentally ill women who have preschool aged children. They found that not many states had satisfying policies to provide outpatient services to mentally ill women, and there were no policies regarding the visitation of their children to them when they were hospitalized. This study shows that much improvement is needed in this area and insufficient healthcare is restricting the rights of the mentally ill to look after their children properly. Jacobsen and Miller (1998) conducted their research on mentally ill mothers to find out if they are capable of looking after their children properly. They found that many mentally ill parents are deprived the right of their children’s custody “due to child abuse or neglect”, due to which the children have to live in foster care. The researchers claim that since parents with long chronic mental illnesses cannot ensure safe parenting, hence they should be denied their parental rights. Feldman, Stiffman and Jung state in their study that children of mentally ill parents are likely to suffer from many behavioral disorders (1987). The researchers studied 306 children of ages between six and sixteen. ...
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