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Legal, Policy and Ethical Aspects of Prescribing

Are nursing laws, ethics, and policies solely sufficient in making medical prescriptions? This paper will therefore analyze nursing laws, ethics, and policies about prescription. The paper will also evaluate the significance of each factor in making of prescription by nurses. Just like any other practice or professional, nursing is subject to the law. The constitution is the supreme law of a country and this indicate that nursing practice is under the country’s constitution (Adams, 2004). This implies that a self-sufficient nurse needs to know the laws that pertain to prescription. A prescription nurse is also expected to have a good knowledge on over the counter medicine (OTC) and the implication of the concerning them (Graham, 1995). For instance, while administering OTC a nurse should ensure that the prescription order from the doctor matches with the label of dispensed medicine. The rightful user of the medicine should be identified. Correct dosage administered concerning age, body mass index, dosage form, symptoms among other factors. Correct timing should be done. Failure to adhere to one or several of these guidelines leads to legal or ethical implications. A nurse is expected to have knowledge of the statutory law that apply to prescription (Funigiello, 2005). ...
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Legal, Policy and Ethical Aspects of Prescribing As a profession and a practice, nursing is based on making of decision meant to save a life or improve the quality of life. Nurses are expected to make decisions such as which injection to give, how to take care of a patient, how to keep a patients private information and in some unfortunate times how to end a life…
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